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Collect all four VIP Cards to join! Act fast. The exclusive VIP club has only 555 memberships available and is more than 50% sold out.

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inspector gadget vip cards

VIP Memberships are >50% Sold Out! Collect all four cards to join the Club with all the best perks:

  • Limited edition digital collectible cards
  • All four cards printed and mailed to you (free)
  • 20% off all Inspector Gadget digital collectibles
  • Exclusive VIP Chat Room
  • Access to VIP-Only Pre-Sales
  • ...and much, much more!


What are the VIP Cards?

The Gamisodes Inspector Gadget VIP Cards are your gateway to the most exclusive club. Owning this VIP four card set comes with all kinds of virtual and IRL perks. Collect all four cards to unlock all the benefits, including a chance to win one of everything we make in the Inspector Gadget series, forever!*

What are the benefits of owning all four VIP Cards?

Owning all four cards unlocks your VIP status. When you're a VIP you get all kinds of benefits. In fact, there's way too many to include in an FAQ section, so we wrote a blog article detailing everything for you, here.

If I own multiple complete sets of the VIP Cards do I get multiple perks?

Yes! Yes you do! All perk details are available here in the VIP Perks blog article.

How many full VIP sets can I collect?

There is no limit to the number of VIP sets you can purchase. They remain available until they're sold out.

How many full VIP sets are available?

The VIP Cards are limited in availability and only 555 complete sets exist.

I've purchased a full set of VIP Cards - how do I receive the printed cards?

Fill the official Gamisodes "I Won Something Form." Follow the instructions and the cards are usually mailed out within a few days!

I have more questions...

Please don't hesitate to chat with us (button at bottom right of screen), email us at, or visit our Discord Chatroom.