Any questions about your secret mission brief?


What are Gamisodes?

Don't just rewatch your favorite childhood cartoons - with Gamisodes, now you can collect them, trade them, and game them! Gamisodes is the newest way to relive the nostalgia through interactive and social experiences. Launching with THE classic Inspector Gadget - Gamisodes now offers four collections of digital collectibles: VIP Club Cards, Gadget Trading Cards, Mission Cards, and Brain Digital Collectibles - and that's just the beginning. Be on the look out for much, much more coming in 2023.

What are Digital Collectibles?

Digital collectibles are one-of-a kind digital items, and just like physical collectibles, you own them. Their value depends on rarity and built-in perks & benefits. Coming soon in 2023, you'll also be able to buy, trade, and sell your Gamisodes digital collectibles on a Peer-to-Peer Marketplace.

What is the Dapper wallet?

The Dapper wallet is how you claim ownership of your Gamisodes digital collectibles. Think of it as a virtual storage unit that you own and control. For the curious, Dapper wallets are hosted on Flow.

Is Gamisodes enviromentally friendly?

Yes. Gamisodes secures digital assets using Flow, a leader in energy efficiency. The energy consumed to make 12,500 digital collectibles on Flow is equivalent to making one Google search.

Does Gamisodes have a marketplace?

Coming soon in 2023. Gamisodes plans to introduce an online marketplace for second hand buying, selling, and trading of Gamisodes collectibles.

In which countries are Gamisodes collectibles sold?

Don't just rewatch your favorite childhood cartoons - with Gamisodes, now you can collect them, trade them, and game them! Gamisodes is the newest way to relive the nostalgia through interactive and social experiences. Launching with THE classic Inspector Gadget - Gamisodes now offers four collections of digital collectibles: VIP Club Cards, Gadget Trading Cards, Mission Cards, and Brain Digital Collectibles - and that's just the beginning. Be on the look out for much, much more coming in 2023.

What's next for Gamisodes?

One thing is certain at Gamisodes - we're always up to something fun! Whether it' releasing a new digital collection, hosting music, games and giveaways in our Discord chatroom, AMAs (ask-me-anything's), and other events - there's no shortage of fun social experiences set around your favorite childhood cartoons. Stay tune, because there's a lot more coming throughout 2023.

How can I view my Digital Collectibles?

Your Digital Collectibles can be viewed online via most desktop or mobile web-browsers. We are in the process of migrating all collectibles to a single viewing experience. In the meantime, all VIP Club Cards, Gadget Trading Cards, and Mission Cards can be viewed (and claimed) at https://gamisodes.mint.store and all Brain Collectibles, which are automatically claimed, can be viewed at https://braintrain.gamisodes.com. After you've claim each Digital Collectible, it can also be viewed in your Dapper wallet.


What are the Gadget Trading Cards?

The Inspector Gadget - Gadget Trading Cards are digital collectible cards representing Inspector Gadget’s gadgets used in each episode. Series 1 of this collection is being released in 13 Sets and features the 165 gadgets used in Season 1 of the classic 1980s show. Each time a new Set is released, we post a blog article with all details about the cards and gadgets released in that Set.

What are the Gadget Trading Card rarity tiers?

Gadget Trading Cards come in five rarity tiers. Each gadget's rarity tier is based on how often it appears in Season 1 of the classic Inspector Gadget show. Every pack of 5 cards is guaranteed to include (3) Common cards, (1) Uncommon card, and (1) Rare, Epic, or Legendary card.

The color-coded rarity tiers are:

  • Common (blue, 40% of Series One)
  • Uncommon (green, 20% of Series One)
  • Rare (yellow, 14% of Series One)
  • Epic (orange, 5% of Series One)
  • Legendary (purple, 1% of Series One)

What can I do with my Gadget Trading Cards?

Right now, you can:

  • Buy Packs and collect your favorite GadgetsSort, filter, search, and rank your cards on Flowscorenft.com
  • Bragging rights in Discord and Social Media

Coming soon in 2023 you can:

  • Buy, sell, and trade cards in the Gamisodes Marketplace
  • Collect certain groups of cards to unlock Achievements and move up in the Leaderboard

How many Gadgets are in this trading card Series?

There are 165 unique Gadgets in Series One, coinciding with each of the unique Gadgets activated from Inspector Gadget’s cyborg body in the 65 Season episodes.

Are all Gadgets available right now?

Not yet. Around 8-10 new Rare, Epic or Legendary gadgets will be released in each of the future Sets.

How many Levels are there for each Gadget? How many Ranks?

Series One Cards come in five Levels (1 through 5) and only one Rank (1).

Are some Cards more rare than others? What does the "Level" mean?

You better believe it. Gadget rarity is related to how often (or not) each Gadget was activated throughout season one. So, certain Gadgets are rarer than others. Certain Levels are also rarer than others. The most common Cards are roughly 3-in-100 and the rarest Cards are exactly one-in-a-million. Refer to the Rarity Chart (above) for percentage breakdowns.

Gamisode Cards are not only collectible trading cards, but also have future in-gamisode utility. The Level on each Card coincides with the Gadget’s power level. Series One Gadgets come in five Levels. Level 1 Gadgets are the most common in the Series, and Level 5 Gadgets the most rare. Fun fact: a Level 5 Legendary Gadget is a one-in-a-million rarity Card.

Claiming each card individually takes a long time. Can I bulk claim?

We developed an auto-claiming Chrome extension that you can install and use ontop of the https://gamisodes.mint.store claiming website. The chrome extension is available here. Make sure you read all the instructions before installing and using it.


What are the VIP Cards?

The Gamisodes Inspector Gadget VIP Cards are your gateway to the most exclusive club. Owning this VIP four card set comes with all kinds of virtual and IRL perks. Collect all four cards to unlock all the benefits, including a chance to win one of everything we make in the Inspector Gadget series, forever!*

What are the benefits of owning all four VIP cards?

Owning all four cards unlocks your VIP status. When you're a VIP you get all kinds of benefits. In fact, there's way too many to include in an FAQ section, so we wrote a blog article detailing everything for you, here.

If I own multiple complete sets of the VIP Cards do I get multiple perks?

Yes! Yes you do! All perk details are available here in the VIP Perks blog article.

How many full sets can I collect?

There is no limit to the number of VIP sets you can purchase. They remain available until they're sold out.

How many VIP sets are available?

The VIP Cards are limited in availability and only 555 complete sets exist.

I've purchased a full set of VIP Cards - how do I receive the printed cards?

Fill out this form according to the instructions, and the cards will be mailed within 5-10 business days (usually less)!


What are Brain Digital Collectibles?

Drawn by celebrity artist Agnes Garbowska, each collectible is in the shape of a train ticket depicting Brain in a unique outift. Each outfit uses design elements featured in Season 1 of the 1980s cartoon. Every collectible features a one-of-a-kind design, making each one your very own.

How many are available in Series 1?

Only 1,000

How much does each one cost?

$25 each

What are the different collection tiers?

The Collection is divided into 3 tiers based on rarity: 

  • Super Rare Costumes - These 1-of-1's feature costumes that don’t share costume elements with other . There are 4 of these in Series 1 and can be identified by the orange jeweled Gamisodes logo (also used on Original Costumes).
  • Original Costumes - These 12 designs feature complete, original costumes featured in the Inspector Gadget TV series. The complete costume may appear on different backgrounds, but these 12 Original Costumes are one-of-a-kind and marked with the orange jeweled Gamisodes logo (also used on Super Rare Costumes).
  • Generative Costumes - These 986 designs are randomly generated with a mix of 5 costume elements pulled from Brain’s costumes in the Inspector Gadget TV series: Head Piece, Eyes, Mouth, Outfit, and Background.

When can I buy them?

Available now for a limited time.

When will I receive my Brain Collectible?

For expedited delivery , please include your digital collectibles Dapper wallet address with your purchase. If you don't have a Dapper wallet address, or don't know what this means - no problem! A member of the Gamisodes team will contact you within 24 hours of your purchase to walk you through the next steps.

What are the perks of owning a Brain Train Ticket?

  • Own part of the limited supply of Series 1 in the first-ever Brain digital collectible
  • Exclusive Access to signed, limited edition Brain Art Prints based on the number of Brains you collect

Why are the collectibles in the shape of tickets?

The Brain Collection is your ticket to some major Inspector Gadget nostalgia feels!


What are Mission Cards?

This Mission Cards collection celebrates the global travels of Inspector Gadget, Penny, and Brain. The cards in this collection are usually only available for a limited time, so sign up for updates and grab yours when you can!

How can I find out about the next Mission Card release?

Sign up for emails (at the bottom of this page), join our Discord Chat Room, and follow us on our socials.

How much does each one cost?

This collection consists of open-edition free cards, as well as limited edition Cards with increasing cost based on rarity.

Can I get previously released Mission Cards?

If a limited edition card doesn't sell out, we might re-release it at a future date. However, the best way to score a previous release is on the Gamisodes Peer-to-Peer Marketplace (coming soon).

When is the next Mission Card Collection coming out?

Soon... Very soon....

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