Gamisodes FAQ’s

What are Gamisodes?

Gamisodes - gamified episodes - are the newest way for people of all ages to interact with their most loved animated shows. Launched in August 2022, you can begin collecting each of Inspector Gadget's 165 gadgets by collecting the virtual trading cards. Starting early 2023, Gamisodes cards will be a key to unlocking features in each gamisode, offering benefits like avatar items, speed boosts, and power ups.

What is an NFT?

An NFT, short for non-fungible token, is a unique cryptographic token on the blockchain that can’t be duplicated. They usually represent one-of-a kind digital items, and like other unique collectables, their value depends on demand rather than a fixed amount. Adding NFTs to items makes it easier to buy, sell, and trade them without the risk of fraud.

What is a blockchain?

In simple terms, a blockchain is a decentralized way of keeping records on the internet. The information is spread across all connected computer systems, preventing hacking or tampering with the records. Also, blockchain policies and people’s access to the blockchain aren’t easily changed because no one person or company owns them. NFT’s and cryptocurrency are hosted on blockchains because of the added security. Gamisodes uses Dapper wallet, hosted on the Flow blockchain, for our NFTs.

What is the Dapper wallet?

The Dapper wallet is how can claim ownership of your Gamisodes NFT cards. Think of it as a storage unit for your NFTs. For the curious, Dapper wallets are hosted on the Flow blockchain.

Does Gamisodes have a marketplace?

Coming soon. Gamisodes plans to open a marketplace for second hand buying, selling, and trading of Gamisodes cards, hosted by Mint.

What value do the NFTs have?

NFTs are unique virtual items: they can be traded, bought, and sold depending on their value. Their value usually comes from age (like first editions), how rare they are, and real world or virtual benefits. 

Gamisodes NFT cards unlock exclusive VIP perks, like access to giveaways, swag, and early access to launches. Beginning in 2023, the cards will also unlock in-gamisode benefits.

What are Gamisodes Inspector Gadget Trading Cards?

Gamisodes cards are collectable NFT game cards corresponding to Inspector Gadget’s gadgets used in each episode. The complete Inspector Gadget series features 165 cards, each representing a unique gadget from Season 1 of the classic 1980’s show.

For now, Gamisodes cards are for collecting, interacting with the show in a new way, and gaining Gamisodes VIP perks, like giveaways, early access, and VIP events. Starting in 2023, Gamisodes cards will be a key to unlock features of the gamified episodes.

How will the Gamisodes Inspector Gadget NFT card launch work?

The Trading Cards will be released over time in 13 sets. The first Set is available for community presale on August 12, and public sale on August 17. Packs of each set will be released in several small batches over time.

How do I get a free commemorative Inspector Gadget NFT?

The free commemorative card giveaway was publicly available in late July and access is now closed. Commemorative cards may be offered in select sales and giveaways announced from time to time in our Discord chatroom and social channels.

How do I buy Gamisodes NFT cards?

During each sale period, you can purchase NFT cards in packs of 5 cards on Some sales will have exclusive presales, and you can learn how to join them in our Discord. There will be a limited number of cards available in the full series and in each set (release). Each set of cards is available for that set's sale period or until they’re sold out - whichever comes first. Any packs not sold within the allotted time will be held for re-release on a later date.

What are the Inspector Gadget Trading Card rarity tiers?

Gamisodes Inspector Gadget NFT cards fall into one of five tiers based on how rare they are. Rarity will usually match how often the gadget appears on the show - the more it appears in the show, the more common the corresponding card.

Every pack of 5 cards is guaranteed to include (3) Common cards, (1) Uncommon card, and (1) Rare, Epic, or Legendary card.

Our color-coded NFT tiers are:
- Common (blue, 40% of Series One)
- Uncommon (green, 20% of Series One)
- Rare (yellow, 14% of Series One)
- Epic (orange, 5% of Series One)
- Legendary (purple, 1% of Series One)

What’s next for Gamisodes?

Gamisodes is releasing Series One cards over 13 sets. Every few weeks, we’ll introduce a new set of cards corresponding with the upcoming Inspector Gadget episodes, and you’ll be able to purchase packs from that set of cards until the sale period ends or packs have sold out. With each new set, we'll host a watchathon where we’ll feature 5 episodes with each drop. We'll also host a number of giveaways, AMAs, and other events.

Next up, Gamisodes will be opening a P2P marketplace where you can buy, sell, and trade Gamisodes cards.

Coming in 2023, we’re launching Gamisodes Inspector Gadget gamified episodes where you will be able to use your NFT cards to interact with the show. We can’t say much now, but we’re excited to share more details soon.

In which countries are Gamisodes NFT cards sold?

We unfortunately have a few geographical restrictions on selling NFTs. Gamisodes NFT cards are sold worldwide except for the following countries: Albania, Barbados, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cayman Islands, Haiti, Iran, Jamaica, Korea, Malta, Mauritius, Morocco, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Senegal, South Sudan, Syrian Arab, Republic, Uganda, Yemen, and Zimbabwe. 


That said, anyone can participate in the Gamisodes community, regardless of location.

Where can I get more info about Series One trading cards?

You can find everything you need to know about the Series One card releases on our Blog.