Ever wish you could collect all of Inspector Gadget's gadgets? Well, now you can!

Own a piece of history - the Gadget Trading Cards Series 1 features all 165 gadgets activated during the very first season of the classic series. Gadget cards come in packs of 5. Each time a new Set is released, a new post is released in the blog.


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So you've snagged some Gadget Trading Cards. Now what?

1. Login at, connect your Dapper digital collectibles wallet, and claim your cards. Have a big collection? Try installing and using the auto-claim Chrome extenstion, here:
2. After claiming your cards to your wallet, Sign Up / Sign In with the Gamisodes "My Collection" viewer to view, sort, and filter your cards, here:


What are Gadget Trading Cards?

The Inspector Gadget - Gadget Trading Cards are digital collectible cards representing Inspector Gadget’s gadgets used in each episode. Series 1 of this collection is being released in 13 Sets and features the 165 gadgets used in Season 1 of the classic 1980s show. Each time a new Set is released, we post a blog article with all details about the cards and gadgets released in that Set.

What are Gadget Trading Card rarity tiers?

Gadget Trading Cards come in five rarity tiers. Each gadget's rarity tier is based on how often it appears in Season 1 of the classic Inspector Gadget show. Every pack of 5 cards is guaranteed to include (3) Common cards, (1) Uncommon card, and (1) Rare, Epic, or Legendary card.

The color-coded rarity tiers are:

  • Common (blue, 40% of Series One)
  • Uncommon (green, 20% of Series One)
  • Rare (yellow, 14% of Series One)
  • Epic (orange, 5% of Series One)
  • Legendary (purple, 1% of Series One)

What can I do with my Gadget Trading Cards?

Right now, you can:

  • Buy Packs and collect your favorite Gadgets
  • Sort and filter your collection to understand what you've got
  • Bragging rights on Discord, Facebook, and Social Media

Coming soon in 2023 you can:

  • Buy, sell, and trade cards in the Gamisodes Marketplace
  • Collect certain groups of cards to unlock Achievements and move up in the Leaderboard

How many Gadgets are in this trading card Series?

There are 165 unique Gadgets in Series One, coinciding with each of the unique Gadgets activated from Inspector Gadget’s cyborg body in the 65 Season episodes.

Are all Gadgets available right now?

Not yet. Around 8-10 new Rare, Epic or Legendary gadgets will be released in each of the future Sets.

How many Levels are there for each Gadget? How many Ranks?

Series One Cards come in five Levels (1 through 5) and only one Rank (1).

Are some Cards more rare than others? What does the "Level" mean?

You better believe it. Gadget rarity is related to how often (or not) each Gadget was activated throughout season one. Certain Gadgets are more rare than others. Certain Levels are also more rare than others. The most common Cards are roughly 3-in-100 and the most rare Cards are exactly one-in-a-million. Refer to each Set's Blog Post for rarity breakdowns.

Gamisode Cards are not only collectible trading cards, but also have future in-gamisode utility. The Level on each Card coincides with the Gadget’s power level. Series One Gadgets come in five Levels. Level 1 Gadgets are the most common in the Series, and Level 5 Gadgets the most rare. Fun fact: a Level 5 Legendary Gadget is a one-in-a-million rarity Card.

Claiming each card individually takes a long time. Can I bulk claim?

We developed an auto-claiming Chrome extension that you can install and use ontop of the claiming website. The chrome extension is available here. Make sure you read all the instructions before installing and using it.