Mission: San Diego - Collector's Editions

Join Inspector Gadget, Penny, and Brain on their Mission to San Diego, California. Grab the Collector's Editions before they're all gone (only 100 full sets exist)!

$19.99-59.99 | Full Set $99.99

0. Mission: San Diego

The Mission: San Diego Collection blends adventure with the charm of California's iconic city. Dive into Inspector Gadget's escapades and capture the essence of San Diego, perfect for fans and collectors alike. 🎮✨(Read More)

1. Brain Collectibles

The Brain Collectibles are your premier ride to some major Inspector Gadget nostalgia feels. Only 1,000 Limited Edition Brain disguises exist in this Series 1 of your favorite canine character. (Read More)

2. Genesis Commemorative Cards

Gamisodes Inspector Gadget's very first collection launched during the 2022 San Diego Comic Con - grab these collectibles for a Commemorative celebration as we begin an epic transformation of the Classic Inspector Gadget! (Read More)

3. Gadget Trading Cards

Collect all 165 Gadgets from Season One of the classic 1980s episodes in this 13 Set Collection. Sets 1 through 5 available now.  Start your collection today with a few Mega-Boxes - or get a Pack of 5 Cards for less than the price of an almond milk latte.

4. Mission New York City

The Mission: New York City Collection unveils digital trading cards capturing the essence of the iconic city. Journey with Inspector Gadget from the neon buzz of Times Square to the Statue of Liberty, celebrating NYC's many facets.🍎🏙️ (Read More)

5. Mission Paris

Dive into the enchanting streets of Paris with the Mission: Paris Collection. Each card unfolds a tale from the city's iconic locales - from the towering Eiffel Tower to intimate street cafés. Join Inspector Gadget, Penny, and Brain as they unravel the magic and allure of the City of Lights in this mesmerizing digital card series. 🌆🎨 (Read More)

6. Mission Dublin

Dive into Dublin's essence with digital cards capturing Inspector Gadget, Penny, and Brain celebrating St. Patrick's Day traditions. From historic Dublin Castle to cozy Irish pubs, experience the heart of the Emerald Isle. Begin your Dublin adventure now! 🎶🏰 (Read More)

7. Mission: Sydney

The Mission: Sydney Collection showcases captivating digital trading cards reflecting Australia's vibrant harbor city. Dive into Inspector Gadget's adventures, from the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge to sun-drenched beach escapades. Celebrate Sydney in all its splendor. 🏄‍♂️🌉 (Read More)