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The VIP Cards are Full of Perks - Learn More Here!

The VIP Cards are Full of Perks - Learn More Here!
Published on 16 January 23

Maximum Nostalgia. Maximum Perks.

This Digital VIP Four Card Set is the very first collection of Gamisodes Inspector Gadget digital collectibles and will always be a special one. Owning the full Set gets you full nostalgia and maximum incentives. Owning multiple Sets gets you benefits multiplied by the number of complete Sets you own.


Purchase VIP Cards Now

VIP Status Gets You...


Printed Promotional Set of the 4 VIP Cards Mailed to You

  • When you purchase a full set of the digital VIP cards from Gamisodes Primary Sales Storefront, we'll mail you the complete 4 Card set as limited edition printed promotional collection - for free!
  • Note: this perk is non-transferable and is a one time benefit for the original owner

A Chance to be Inducted into the VVIP Club

VVIP Inductees Win 1 of Everything, Forever:

  • Five (5) edition numbers of VIP Card #4 will be randomly selected every month from October 2022 to July 2023 to become permanent VVIP edition cards
  • Fifty (50) card editions in total will be randomly selected to become VVIP cards

VVIP Inductees Get Mega-Perks, Including:
  • 1. One (1) trophy case containing each of the four VIP cards printed and signed by the cards' artist, Bayu Sadewo, and Gamisodes founder, Davis Brimer
  • 2. One (1) Mega-Box each time a new Set of trading cards is released
  • 3. One (1) randomly selected item from other multi-edition digital collections when they are released

Some Details Regarding the VVIP Mega-Perks:

  • The VVIP status is attached to the VIP Card #4 edition number. Selling or trading this card transfers VVIP status to the new owner along with Mega-Perks #2 and #3
  • Mega-Perk #1 is non-transferable and is a one time benefit for the original owner
  • Mega-Perks only apply to Gamisodes Inspector Gadget digital collectibles


Purchase VIP Cards Now


Even More Benefits

  • Special Discord benefits, including a VIP role, gated VIP channel, and priority access to the Gamisodes team
  • Entry into exclusive VIP contests and giveaways
  • 1st in line access to most sales
  • 1st in line access to many new features

    After all 2,500 VIP Card #4 editions are sold, all editions will be entered into a random drawing and 1% (25) of owners will be randomly selected and inducted into the VVIP Club. A single card #4 edition number can only hold VVIP status once, for a total of 75 inductees. However, one person can hold multiple VVIP qualified Card #4's thereby multiplying their perks and mega-perks.


    So... what are you waiting for?! Get Your VIP Cards Now

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