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Mission: Dublin - Dance, History, and Celebrations of St. Patrick's Day

Mission: Dublin - Dance, History, and Celebrations of St. Patrick's Day
Published on 27 March 23

Mission: Dublin - Dance, History, and Celebrations of St. Patrick's Day

Immerse yourself in the delightful spirit of St. Patrick's Day with Inspector Gadget, Penny, and Brain as they dance their way through Dublin's landmarks and traditions. Adorned in festive attire, our trio adds a vibrant touch to the scenery with Inspector Gadget's green belt and tie, Brain's Leprechaun-inspired hat and socks, and Penny's intricately designed dress showcasing the historically rich trinity symbol, a nod to Celtic heritage.



1. Rare Card: Dublin Castle - Legacy & Leadership (Limited to 300 editions) 🏰🍀

Amidst the soft Dublin drizzle, a vibrant rainbow arcs over the historic Dublin Castle. Join Inspector Gadget, Penny, and Brain as they marvel at this iconic landmark, where Ireland's rich past meets nature's fleeting beauty. The shimmering hues provide a perfect backdrop for their festive dance.
Price: $19.99 🏰🍀 (Buy Now)



2. Epic Card: Irish Pub Jubilation (Limited to 200 editions) 🍺🎻

Join the jovial ambiance of a traditional Irish pub, where stories are exchanged, music fills the air, and traditions are kept alive. Inspector Gadget, Penny, and Brain stand at the entrance, inviting you to the heart of Irish merrymaking and camaraderie.
Price: $39.99 🌊🏄‍♂️ (Buy Now)



3. Legendary Card: Dublin's Coat of Arms & The Tree of Life (Limited to 100 editions) 🌳🛡️

Dive deep into the symbols and stories of Dublin's Coat of Arms. Amidst elements like swords, scales, and a castle, the magnificent Crann Bethadh, or The Tree of Life, stands tall, echoing the profound importance of sacred trees in Irish culture and lore.
Price: $59.99 🌳🛡️ (Buy Now)



 4. Full Set (Only 100 Possible)
For the first 50 avid collectors who acquire the complete set of Mission: Dublin cards, Gamisodes presents an exclusive treat: Not only will you secure the entire collection with matching edition numbers, but you'll also receive a Gamisodes first—a matching edition Super-Legendary card, an animated rendition of the Legendary card. Dive into Dublin like never before! 🍀✨
Full Set Price: $99.99 (Buy Now)


Learn more about the Mission: Dublin collection in this Video AMA with Artist Bayu Sadewo as he creates the Super-Legendary animated card LIVE! 


Don't miss this exclusive collection celebrating Dublin's rich traditions, vibrant festivities, and St. Patrick's Day merriment. Whether you're a fan of the iconic trio's adventures or a lover of Irish lore, these cards encapsulate the magic of the Emerald Isle. 🌈🍀


P.S. Dive right into the Irish spirit with the FREE Mission: Dublin Ultra-Common! Secure yours today and embark on a Dublin adventure like no other! 🍀


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