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Leading Media Outlet, Kidscreen, Announces Gamisodes Inspector Gadget Soft Launch

Leading Media Outlet, Kidscreen, Announces Gamisodes Inspector Gadget Soft Launch
Published on 18 July 22

Kidscreen, the leading media outlet for kids entertainment announced that Gamisodes will be releasing commemorative Inspector Gadget cards. Gamisodes partnered with WildBrain, a family entertainment global leader and the owner of Inspector Gadget, to launch Gamisodes Inspector Gadget. Beginning with the commemorative cards during the week of San Diego Comic-Con 2022, Gamisodes has fun and exciting plans in store for its fans.

For nostalgic cartoon TV fans and gamers, Gamisodes is soft-launching Inspector Gadget digital collectible cards. The company is also celebrating the launch of the platform with the worldwide premier of the remastered classic Inspector Gadget episode, "Haunted Mansion". Originally aired in 1983, this is the first-ever remastered episode, and Gadget fans will love viewing the episode in HD.

The Gamisodes digital cards will be secure and environmentally friendly. Secured by the industry-leading Flow blockchain, Gamisodes players and fans will experience an environmentally friendly, safe and secure way to keep, trade, or sell their digital assets. Flow operates on a Proof of Stake consensus system, and uses just 0.18GWh annually, based on usage in 2021. Put simply, "producing a Gadget Card on Flow takes less energy than a Google search or Instagram post". 

For Gamisodes updates and to keep up with the action, fans, gamers, and friends are invited to follow the company on Twitter, @playgamisodes, and join the Discord community. For all social media handles, check out the linktree HERE.


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