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Gamisodes Inspector Gadget Announces the First-Ever Brain Digital Collectibles

Gamisodes Inspector Gadget Announces the First-Ever Brain Digital Collectibles
Published on 14 December 22

After selling thousands of digital collectibles focused on the 1980s animated star Inspector Gadget, Gamisodes is introducing a new collection focused on the inspector’s lovable dog and sidekick, Brain.

All aboard! We’re thrilled to announce this first Brain collection, titled Brain Train - Series 1, the fourth collection by Gamisodes Inspector Gadget. Each collectible in the shape of a virtual train ticket and is your premier ride to some major nostalgia feels.

Drawn by celebrity artist Agnes Garbowska, each collectible depicts Brain wearing a unique costume using elements featured in Season 1 of the 1980s animated series. Unlike past collections from Gamisodes Inspector Gadget, every collectible features a one-of-a-kind design, making each one your very own.

Keeping to the spirit of Brain’s mystery and disguise, these digital collectibles will be sold in virtual wrapper and will remain hidden until they are simultaneously revealed on January 29, 2023. There will be 1000 tickets available in Series 1 priced at $25 per ticket. 

Brain Digital Collectibles - Details


Purchasing Information

Quantity Available: 1000 

Pricing: $25 each

Where to purchase:

Payment methods accepted: Credit Cards (Visa and Mastercard) and Dapper Balance

Brain Digital Collectibles Costume Designs

Super Rare Costumes - These 1-of-1's feature costumes that don’t share costume elements with other collectibles. There are 4 of these in Series 1 and show the orange jeweled Gamisodes logo (also used on Original Costumes).

Original Costumes - These 12 designs feature complete, original costumes featured in the Inspector Gadget TV series. The complete costume may appear on different backgrounds, but these 12 Original Costumes are one-of-a-kind and marked with the orange jeweled Gamisodes logo (also used on Super Rare Costumes).

Generative Costumes - These 984 designs are randomly generated with a mix of 6 costume elements pulled from Brain’s costumes in the Inspector Gadget TV series: Background Pattern, Background Color, Outfit, Coms, Head Piece, and Mouth.

Perks of Owning these Brain Digital Collectibles

Own part of the limited supply of this flagship collection.

Streamlined vote on the first-ever Gamisodes Inspector Gadget printed poster design.

Exclusive access to purchase the final poster design signed by the artist, Agnes Garbowska


    Important Dates

    Sunday, January 29: 2nd Live Brain Digital Collectible reveal

    See all the info on the Brain Train Ticket trait rarities here.


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