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Introducing the Gamisodes Wallet

Introducing the Gamisodes Wallet
Published on 16 November 23

As a member of the Gamisodes Community, you're already part of the fascinating world of digital collectibles. Welcome! Understanding the digital landscape helps you make the most of your journey, and this includes knowing about various digital collectibles wallets. This article will help explain what are digital collectibles wallets and how they relate to the Gamisodes platform. 

What is a Digital Collectibles Wallet?
Imagine a digital collectibles wallet as your personalized, secure, digital treasure chest. This virtual chest is where you store and showcase your digital art, trading cards, and other digital items. When you claim or purchase digital collectibles directly from, they're transferred directly into your wallet. Certain wallets can also be used to buy and sell collectibles with other people (like in a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Marketplace).

Gamisodes Wallet
The Gamisodes Wallet is what’s called a custodial wallet, where Gamisodes manages the private keys that allow access to your wallet. Think of the keys just like a unique set of virtual keys to your virtual chest. This relieves you from the responsibility of securing your keys, making your digital collectibles journey more seamless and relaxed.


Marketplace Wallet
If you decide to Sign Up for the Gamisodes P2P Marketplace, powered by Rarible, then your digital collectibles will be transferred to a different type of Gamisodes wallet, where Gamisodes no longer has direct access to your private keys. Instead, Gamisodes - and its marketplace partner Rarible - have permissions to facilitate your marketplace transactions when you request it on the marketplace. 

Dapper Wallet
When Gamisodes first opened its doors, we partnered with the Dapper wallet which, like Gamisodes, is a custodial digital collectibles wallet that handles the storage of your private keys. More recently, Gamisodes developed its very own custom wallet (the Gamisodes wallet) and no longer uses the Dapper wallet.


**Only if you are an early user that holds Gamisodes Digital Collectibles in your Dapper wallet, there are three things to be aware of - based on the Collection name:


1) GENESIS, GADGETS, and MISSIONS (Transylvania & Singapore Only)

For these collections your items have been reminted on the Gamisodes platform and are being automatically delivered to your Gamisodes wallet. For a period of time, you might notice these collections still appear in your Dapper wallet. This process is entirely automatic - you don't need to do anything. 



For these collections to have utility on the Gamisodes platform, you will need to transfer them from your Dapper wallet to your Gamisodes wallet. This is an easy "single button click" offered to you when you Sign In and Link your Dapper wallet at



All Moments collectibles, and any new purchases you make from the Gamisodes Store, will now automatically be delivered to your Gamisodes wallet (or, if you've signed up for the Marketplace, to your Marketplace wallet). 


Still have questions? We have answers. Please feel free to Chat with us, email us at, or join our community Discord!


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