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🌟 Introducing the Gamisodes P2P Marketplace! 🚀

🌟 Introducing the Gamisodes P2P Marketplace! 🚀
Published on 05 January 24

🌟 Introducing the Gamisodes P2P Marketplace! 🚀


Greetings, Gamisodes Fam and Digital Collectors Everywhere!


We're beyond excited to announce an addition to your Gamisodes experience – the launch of our brand-new Gamisodes Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Marketplace, powered by RaribleX. It's a major advancement in the way you can collect, trade, and connect in the world of Inspector Gadget and beyond!


A New Realm of Collecting Awaits


While the Gamisodes Store remains your go-to destination for all of Gamisodes’ digital collectible primary drops, the introduction of the Gamisodes Marketplace opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Here's what makes it special:


🔍 Dive Deep into the Diverse Collections: Alongside the Gamisodes Store, the Marketplace brings you closer to a vibrant community of collectors. Explore and trade exclusive items from six exciting collections, including Genesis, Gadgets, Brains, Missions, Moments, and Gamisodes.


💼 Trade Among Peers: The Marketplace is your new hub for trading collectibles with fellow fans. It's all about community, connection, and the thrill of finding that missing piece in your collection. Come discuss your trades in the Gamisodes Discord Chat Room.


🌐 Powered by RaribleX: A Partnership Elevating Your Experience: In our quest to bring you an unparalleled digital collectible experience, we've teamed up with Rarible – a titan in the world of digital collectibles marketplaces. This partnership infuses the Gamisodes Marketplace with cutting-edge technology and a seamless interface.


💰 Stable and Secure Transactions: Embrace the stability of trading with Flow USDC, a digital currency with value linked directly to the US Dollar, ensuring smooth and predictable transactions.


🌍 Global Community, Local Feel: With MoonPay's top-up integration, our platform welcomes collectors from around the globe, offering a local feel in a global community.



The Best of Both Worlds


🎁 Gamisodes Store: Continue to enjoy the first-hand excitement of our primary drops, initially featuring a range of digital collectibles from the beloved Inspector Gadget series.


🔄 Gamisodes P2P Marketplace: Step into the Marketplace for peer-to-peer trading, where every exchange enhances your collection and connects you with like-minded collectors.



Our Commitment to You

In the Gamisodes universe, every member’s journey is unique. The P2P Marketplace is our latest innovation, designed to enrich your experience and bring our community closer together. While our collectibles remain exclusive to Gamisodes' platforms, we're dedicated to evolving and growing with you.


Ready to Explore?

Join us in this new chapter of Gamisodes. Whether you're snagging the latest drop from the Store or trading treasures in the Marketplace, every click is a step into a world of adventure and nostalgia.

Welcome aboard the Gamisodes P2P Marketplace!



Gamisodes Peer to Peer (P2P) Marketplace FAQ




What is Gamisodes P2P Marketplace, Powered by RaribleX?

The Gamisodes P2P Marketplace is powered by RaribleX, a leader in digital collectibles marketplace technology. It offers a platform for collectors and fans to buy and sell items with other collectors, initially from six flagship Gamisodes and Inspector Gadget Collections: Genesis, Gadgets, Brains, Missions, Moments, and Gamisodes. You can learn more about these collections by visiting here.





How does the Marketplace transact?

The Marketplace initially transacts in Flow USDC, a stable coin tied to the US Dollar's value, offering a familiar sense of value.


How can collectors sign up and make transactions?

Collectors can sign up for the marketplace and seamlessly connect to MoonPay to purchase Flow USDC using debit/credit cards, bank transfers, and crypto exchanges. MoonPay is trusted by over 15 million users worldwide.


What are the limitations for participation?

Participation depends on the countries MoonPay supports. For a list of supported and non-supported countries for MoonPay's on-ramp and off-ramp services, please visit their support page.



Account Initialization


How does account initialization work for new Gamisodes collectors?

New users visiting the marketplace and signing into Gamisodes for the first time will have a Gamisodes account created automatically.


How does account initialization work for existing collectors?

Existing collectors must first migrate all of their Gamisodes digital collectibles into their Gamisodes wallet before they can be traded on the marketplace. Read here for more information on the Gamisodes wallet and collection merging requirements.


After migrating your collection, visit the marketplace and please sign in using the same email address you use to access your Gamisodes account. The system will initialize your collection to be tradable on the Marketplace, which might take up to 24 hours.



Special Offers


What are the benefits for Gamisodes Inspector Gadget OG-VIP Card holders?

Holders receive a 20% discount on all Gamisodes Inspector Gadget digital drops from the primary storefront. This discount is not applicable in the P2P Marketplace.



Digital Collectible Management


What if I'm an early collector with Gamisodes via Dapper wallet?

Early collectors with collectibles in the Dapper wallet can transfer their collection to the Gamisodes wallet on the account sign in page. If you previously used to access your digital collectibles, those items have been automatically replaced and transferred to your Gamisodes wallet, whether or not they were claimed to a Dapper wallet. Full details on these migrations and consolidation into your Gamisodes wallet can be read here.


Can I view my digital collectibles on the Marketplace?

Yes, all digital collectibles are visible under "My Items" in the Marketplace.



Getting Started


What is required to use the Marketplace?

Users need to Sign Into the Gamisodes marketplace, which is governed by the same account used with Gamisodes. A Marketplace Wallet, which is created for you automatically, and USDC currency are also required to buy and sell digital collectibles.


What is Flow and its role in the Marketplace?

Flow is the blockchain used to mint digital collectibles for Gamisodes, with transactions made via Flow USDC tokens.



Using the Marketplace


What can I do on the Marketplace?

The Marketplace allows browsing, buying, and selling digital collectibles with other collectors. It is intended for peer-to-peer trading only, with inventory based on previous Gamisodes digital collectible drops.


How does buying and selling work?

Users can find collectibles by sorting and filtering by criteria like price, rarity, and collection name. Purchases require Flow USDC tokens, and sales can be listed with a fixed price and sale duration.


Can I list multiple collectibles for sale as a group?

This feature is not available but is planned for future implementation.


Can I list an unopened Blind Boxes or Packs on the Marketplace?

This feature is not available but is planned for future implementation.





How are transactions performed?

Transactions require a logged-in Gamisodes account and Flow USDC tokens, obtainable via MoonPay within the Marketplace.


What is MoonPay's role in the Marketplace?

MoonPay is a secure platform for buying, selling, and managing cryptocurrencies, used for purchasing Flow USDC tokens for Marketplace transactions.


Can I take my Gamisodes collectibles to other marketplaces like OpenSea or SuperRare for trading?

At Gamisodes, we're all about creating a unique and unified experience for our collectors. As of now, our digital collectibles are exclusive to the Gamisodes Marketplace. This means you won't be able to trade them on other platforms like OpenSea or SuperRare. We believe in building a dedicated Gamisodes community, where every trade adds to your adventure in our ecosystem. Stay tuned though, as we're always evolving to enhance your collecting experience! 



Community and Support


Where can I get support and interact with the community?

For support, contact Rarible through links in the Marketplace. For Gamisodes account issues, contact us via Chat, Discord, or email at


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