collect all 165 limited edition gadget trading cards. Week-1 community presale aug 12.

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Be kind. Rewind… to gamisodes inspector gadget.

Limited edition commemorative NFT cards available until august 12

It’s not a remake, it’s a Gamisodes Classic Comeback™. Whether you’re a gamer, collector, or fan of the classic show, friends and family of all ages can share in the fun. 

We remastered the original Inspector Gadget to make him Web3 ready, and our NFT cards show the before and after makeover magic. Collect all four commemorative cards now, before they self-destruct on August 12. 

You’re in the gamisode with your favorite animated tv characters.


The Gamisodes Electromagnetic Metaverse Android, and your totally rad guide. GEMA will teleport you into the gamisode where you’ll play, interact with, and game the original narrative. 

Want to play? Collect the virtual Gamisodes Inspector Gadget cards to earn VIP perks today and in-gamisode bonuses starting early 2023.

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Complete - Hello World! Announce Gamisodes Inspector Gadget. Launch Socials & Discord.

Complete - Drop Commemorative NFT Cards (Public Pre-Sale July 21)

Next - Gamisodes NFT Viewer released (July 29)
Remastered Episode Debut Watch Party in Discord (August 5)

Later - Collectible Gadget NFT Cards Weekly Drop & Watchathon (starting August 12)

After - First gamified episode content released (early 2023)

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